Frequently Asked Questions

What is Guudclub?


Guudclub is a managed workplace company focused on facilities and food service.

In other words, we clean your office and feed your employees at prices that fit your budget.

Our services help fast-growing companies stay productive with essential services that fuel amazing work.

Guudclub is currently available by invite only.

What essential workplace services are included with my membership?


We’re currently focused on four key areas to help our members succeed: Guudclub Clean, Guudclub Snacks, and Guudclub Remote Care.

Guudclub Clean: a commercial cleaning service that disinfects and sanitizes high-touch areas in your workplace including breakrooms, lobbies, and workspaces.

Guudclub Snacks: a complementary monthly snack box (chips and granola bars) that fuels productivity. 

Guudclub Remote Care: send home office essentials (cleaning products and snacks) to your remote team. 

How much does a Guudclub membership cost? And, how can I get one?


Guudclub membership starts at $179 a month.

Access to a Guudclub Membership is currently available by invite only.

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